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An open-source corpus analysis library written in C#. Pre-alpha versions come bundled with a cross-platform GUI that mimics, with an aim to replace™, WordSmith Tools. It comes with Wordlister - a graphical wordlisting tool optimized for maximum speed and a simple regular-expressions-based concordance tool.

Academic Partnerships (2009-2012)

Institut für Politische Wissenschaft, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Germany

Within the framework of the European Legislative Responses to International Terrorism (ELIT) project, various components of CORSIS (some yet unpublished) is finding application in the development of a database of German plenary protocols and legislative bills.

Project is now in private alpha.

New distributed reverse proxy: PortFusion

PortFusion is a minimalistic, multi-protocol, distributed, reverse proxy for TCP traffic. It is damn small, easy to use and optimized for maximum throughput. PortFusion is developed in F#/C# and licensed under GPLv3.

New library for .NET 4.0: Html2Xhtml

I have just released a new .NET 4.0 library: Html2Xhtml - a binding to the same-named HTML to XHTML convertor written in C.

It runs 2 - 4x faster than Chilkat's HTML-to-XML library which I evaluated for local reconstruction of a large online database of the European Union.

New package for Mathematica 8 or above: WCFServices (in development)

WCFServices is a Mathematica package that enables connection to services using .NET and WCF (Windows Communication Foundation).

It uses svcutil from Windows SDK and and a C# compiler for automation and supports NetTcpBinding as well as all other WCF configurations.


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